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Android Fundamentals Training

Android Fundamentals is an excellent course for mobile development, especially for those who are new to the Android platform or mobile development in general. This course provides a solid foundation in the core concepts of Android development, including the Android platform, user interface design with Jetpack Compose, data persistence with Jetpack, networking with Retrofit and Coroutines, navigation with Jetpack Navigation Component, background processing with WorkManager, and testing and debugging. By taking this course, students can develop a strong understanding of these fundamental concepts, which are essential for creating high-quality Android apps that meet industry standards.

Moreover, this course covers important topics such as app distribution and marketing, which can help students learn how to monetize and promote their apps. Additionally, the course is designed to be hands-on, meaning that students can learn by doing and create their own Android apps along the way. By the end of the course, students should have a solid foundation in Android development that they can build on, whether they want to continue learning more advanced Android development concepts or focus on developing apps for other mobile platforms. Overall, Android Fundamentals is an excellent course for anyone who wants to start their journey in mobile development and build their skills in Android development.

Android Fundamentals Course Outline

  • Module 1: Introduction to Android Development
    • Overview of the Android platform
    • Setting up the development environment
    • Creating a simple Android app
    • Introduction to Kotlin programming language
  • Module 2: Android User Interface Design with Jetpack Compose
    • Introduction to Jetpack Compose
    • Creating a Composable function
    • Building layouts with Compose
    • Working with themes and styles
    • Creating custom Composables
  • Module 3: Android Data Persistence with Jetpack
    • Introduction to Jetpack DataStore
    • Working with Room Database
    • Accessing data with LiveData and ViewModel
    • Creating custom data sources
  • Module 4: Android Networking with Retrofit and Coroutines
    • Introduction to Retrofit library
    • Making network requests with Retrofit
    • Introduction to Coroutines for asynchronous programming
    • Combining Retrofit and Coroutines to make asynchronous network requests
  • Module 5: Android Navigation with Jetpack Navigation Component
    • Introduction to Navigation Component
    • Building navigation graphs
    • Navigating between screens
    • Passing data between screens
    • Handling back and up navigation
  • Module 6: Android Background Processing with WorkManager
    • Introduction to WorkManager
    • Scheduling and running background tasks
    • Working with constraints and tags
    • Handling task result and cancellation
  • Module 7: Android Testing and Debugging
    • Introduction to Android testing
    • Writing unit tests and instrumented tests
    • Debugging Android apps with Android Studio
    • Using Android Profiler to analyze app performance
  • Module 8: Publishing and Distributing Android Apps
    • Preparing an app for release
    • Creating a signed APK
    • Publishing to Google Play Store
    • Best practices for app distribution and marketing

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